New twitter feed on education research in demography journals

Education is inherently interdisciplinary. Accordingly, in addition to key education journals, many international education scholars routinely follow developments in sociology or development studies, say, depending on their particular interests and own academic background.

By comparison, demography journals are less often utilised as a source in education in my experience. This is a pity. For instance, searching the online archive of the flagship journal ‘Demography’ yields more mentions of ‘school’ than of either ‘fertility’ or ‘mortality’!

My own research sits at the intersection of education and demography. As a service to the education community, I will start sharing curated picks of the most recent research published in demographic journals that I think may be of interest to educational researchers.

Based on what I have been flagging for my own purposes, I expect there to be one or two posts per week on average to keep up with new articles as they are published. Initially, I will complement these with some publications from earlier in 2018 to clear the ‘backlog’.